Sanae worked as a news and television host for many years. During this time, she discovered the effects of mind-control through subconscious minds, which turned her into a self-reprogramming expert.

With one foot in ancient mysticism and the other in modern science, Sanae's all about human optimization. Her mission is to teach you how to tap into your own inner engineering to create a life that's more balanced; and to achieve a state of oneness through bodywork, breathwork & meditation 

Yoga isn't just about bending bodies; it's a blissful unification of body, mind and spirit. Breathwork isn’t merely inhales and exhales; it's the secret formula to unlock your boundless potential. These ancient teachings are a portal to a realm where light and dark meet as one.

Together with inspiring guests, Sanae drops wisdom bombs in her podcast WijsDom (pronounced as "Wise-Dumb", because, well, balance is key).