For years I lived by this false idea that I'm spiritually impure when I'm menstruating and so I stayed away from praying, fasting, reciting surahs from Quran and visiting Mosques- as I was teached.

After years of emotional and spiritual work I experienced the sacred power of menstruation and learned about the spiritual gifts of this monthly cycle. It made me question the believes I had from Islamic perspective and why I'm being told to stay away from any kind of worship while spiritually I feel like I"m on my peek during my moon cycle.

In the Quran there are no Surahs prohibiting menstruating women from any kind of worship. I think this is a false idea made up by Islamic scholars (man) who think woman are impure while on their natural cycle. In this video I'm sharing why I think like this and why I will maintain my worship, prayers & fasting while menstruating!

Infinite blessings!