The holy month Ramadan has started. Muslims will be fasting for one moon cycle (29-30 days) and also engage more in spiritual practices. Every day between sunrise and sunset we abstain from all primary needs to suspend our indulgence in worldly comforts.

I experience Ramadan as a spiritual detox. I see it as an opportunity to train my mind to become stronger, clearer and more focused. I use it to detox my body from toxins and to become physically healthier. On the spiritual plane it allows me to grow and connect on a deeper level with myself and with the divine.

I’d like invite you all to participate with me in a challenge so we can grow together and help each other staying motivated and inspired. I wrote down 7 goals that I want to be focusing on. Please feel free to share some of your goals and ideas with me!

1. Body Care (healthy food + body practice)
2. Breaking bad habits
3. Tongue control (no complains, lies, gossips or negative words)
4. Study Quran (explore the verses and meaning)
5. Prayers/meditations/dua’s
6. Human Connections & Charity (connect with loved ones and help/support others)
7. Live in gratitude (write down 3 blessings I’m grateful for)